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How to Make Your Morning Routine Run Smoothly

morning routine
morning routine

Mornings can be a hectic time for families. Between getting everyone up and ready for the day and trying to get out the door on time, it’s easy for things to fall apart. But with a little bit of organisation and prioritisation , you can make your morning routine run smoothly every day.

My mornings were chaotic too until I realised that my priorities were not my kids priorities. Every morning I would ask myself, “Why do they not understand that they need to put their shoes on in the morning? How can they not know what they need to do to get ready, having done it so many times previously?”

The truth is, kids don’t see priorities the same way we do. Our priorities are to get dressed, eat breakfast and get out of the house on time. Their priorities are to finish building the pillow fort before the alien attack; or get the doll dressed, so she is not late for school.

Since trying to get them to see your priorities seems like a lost cause, the best approach it through cooperation.

Tips to improve your morning routine

  1. Let them know you don’t like to yell and that you want their help to come up with a plan that ensures mornings run smoothly for the whole family.
  2. Explain to them that it is important that the entire family is ready by a specific time.
  3. Together, create a list of things that HAVE to be done and a list of things they WANT to do in the mornings.
  4. Help them combine the HAVEs and WANTs list in the order that best work for ALL of you.
  5. Assure them that if they complete the HAVEs list first, they will have time to do some of the WANTs, and everyone will be in a better mood.
  6. Set a timer. It can be helpful to set a timer for tasks to be completed. A timer takes the pressure off you. You are no longer dictating when the time is up.

You can use our Superpower Kids Organising Your Day printable to help your child learn prioritisation.

The ability to prioritise is a vital life skill. It helps children and adults make decisions and take action in their lives, so it’s important they learn how to do this effectively from an early age. Our Prioritisation Guide provides practical activities that will help your child develop the skills of prioritising with ease. Why not have a look now?

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