Hi, I’m Daniele Clarke. I’m a registered psychologist, founder of Superpower Kids, and author of Unleash.

My passion is equipping parents, educators, and mental health workers with tools to support the emotional development of children, leading them to a brighter future.

Superpower Kids is a program that delivers social-emotional learning resources to thousands of children in Australia and globally.

Unleash is an experiential journal that assist kids overcome anxiety and excel.

I started my career in private practice in Brazil. In 2005, I moved to Australia to work with families in need. Today, I share my knowledge and experience by writing and speaking. I’m a regular contributor to online and print media, and I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband and two kids.


Free your mind, live fully, and achieve your dreams

Unleash is an experiential journal-based book that includes activities and prompts to help children manage their emotions, set goals, and live a full life.

Unleash supports children to overcome feelings of anxiety to feel liberated, empowered and confident.

Unleash teaches children about:

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Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) is the secret sauce of child development.

We aim to provide the best SEL content on the web, so you can give your child the best head start.

Our articles answer all your tough parenting questions and help you develop a deeper understanding of how to raise an emotionally intelligent child.


I can’t even remember how I happened upon it, but I really love your weekly emails. Sometimes I think you may have been watching us – your topics are so ‘on-point’.

Lauren Davies

I am a fan of your site and products and have recommended your site to many friends/teachers as I believe your educational and mindfulness books are amazing, these should be made available in every primary school.

Stephen Lovchyld


Daniele uses her experience to speak in schools, community and online events and through media.


Anxiety can paralyse children and prevent them from achieving their dreams. It is heartbreaking. This presentation offers actionable strategies parents can use to help their children break through this barrier.

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    Media Features

    Teaching values-based life skills & emotional health for kids

    Created by mum-of-two Danielle Clarke, Superpower Kids is a program that teaches children about values and how to express and apply them in healthy ways, empowering them with the confidence and skills to live these values in a positive manner.

    Parents Can Have a Big Influence On Their Kid’s Career Choice But That’s Not Always a Good Thing

    A recent survey found that 40 percent of people felt pressured to follow their parents’ career advice, while 2 out of 3 parents said they were disappointed their children didn’t pursue their desired career.

    From chaos to calm

    Dani discusses if mental models are the key to streamlining our hectic days?

    School Camp Anxiety – 10 Practical steps you can take to prepare your child for camp

    Camps can be a time of fun and friendship-building. Getting away from the classroom for a few days and trying your hand at new activities can be enjoyable. But not for everyone. For many children (and parents), the fun of camp is overshadowed by concerns.

    Whining: how to stop children whinging

    It’s a sound guaranteed to make every parent grimace: whining. Similar to hearing fingernails on a blackboard, whining usually results in parents doing one of two things – getting cross or giving in to their child’s behaviour.

    Superpower Kids – The Key To Success

    The social-emotional learning (SEL) methodology aims to support children in connecting with their emotions. Children gain the ability to recognize and fully experience their emotions through SEL activities. As a result, they develop meaningful relationships, make moral decisions, and sympathize with others more readily.


    It never feels good to blow your budget and go into overdraft. Yet, going into overdraft on your “brain budget” may be worse – much worse – than not balancing your finances.

    Superpower Kids – Offering Services to Children for Learning Social-Emotional Skills

    Social-emotional learning (SEL) improves academic achievement, reduces bullying, lowers dropout rates, and builds character in children. Students’ academic progress is influenced positively by well-implemented SEL programs. Social-emotional abilities, such as problem-solving, self-regulation, impulse control, and empathy, increase academic performance, minimize negative social behaviors and foster better classroom climates due to enhanced cognitive functioning.

    Interview Questions

    From my family to yours, I hope Superpower Kids provides you and your child a scaffold from which to build emotional intelligence – and, significantly, contributes to developing a family culture that facilitates growth, openness and support. To get in touch, please send me an email, dani@superpowerkids.net or find me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest.


    Unleash is a journal – meaning, private and personal to the user – to help pre-teens and young teens free themselves from this terrible scourge. Affirming and interactive, every page sparkles with invitations to explore the thinking, feeling, and behaviours that lead to an over-anxious state. Clarke has drawn on both the tried-and-true concepts of psychology’s behaviourism and also the latest in neuroscience to show the way to a life in which worrying gets its just due, and nothing more. But the good news for readers is that all those scientific concepts and discoveries are boiled down to easy-to-understand language and relatable analogies that stick in the mind. And, while the habits that lead to lifelong freedom from anxiety may take a while to develop, Clarke offers multiple tools for immediate relief:  many borrowed from the mindful breathing techniques that have burgeoned in corporations, schools, and the general population in recent years.  

    There may be a few kids who, upon working through Unleash, realise they want more. Clarke doesn’t shy away from suggesting that, in some cases, a “trusted adult” can be helpful. Those trusted adults – the parent, teacher, counsellor, or coach who is approached – will be very grateful to have such a useful resource as this for any helping work on anxiety. It’s a sorely needed addition to the arsenal of ammunition that we can deploy as mental health professionals. Here’s hoping for the widest possible unleashing of Unleash!